No Stress!

Manu Lemire (
Professional personal development coach, author and speaker

« When happiness is there, we see it, but when we don’t see it, it is still there.

And you, during that time?? where were you? »

Today my friends, I will simply try to help you understand a very simple thing: « stop worrying about life», it is exactly what it should be!

Beauty residing in each achievement is not represented only by the finished product, it is also in all the work that was accomplished during its creation. Your life is no exception, it is the fruit of daily work, some success, painful failures, great accomplishments and bitter losses. Personally, why try understanding it, this is obviously beyond us…

Visualize for just two seconds where you are at in your life. Think of your financial situation, your friends, your family, your daily occupations, your way of thinking or anything else that can cross your mind. Now, imagine the incalculable details, such small details that could all, one as well as the other, could have brought you completely elsewhere, living a completely different life or even being a completely different person…

The possibilities are infinite, you have to admit it.

Why not try to understand something so complicated as our existence. I believe that one of the keys to happiness resides in the fact that it should be taken for granted that everything will go well, at the right time and that whatever the obstacles in our path, it will represent a necessary pain in your training. Worrying will change nothing in what must happen, the only thing it will bring is passing by your life because you were too busy looking forward instead of taking advantage of the current moment, now and here. Furthermore, is negative that harmful? For my part, the greatest lessons I learned were taught in the hardest moments of my existence. If everything went well, could we really prove our value or correct our shortcomings and weaknesses? If bad guys didn’t exist, Superman would be a janitor, bus driver or hot dog vendor on a street corner. Do you follow me?

Falling is not a failure in itself. Staying on the ground is! And it is not life who will decide, it’s you!

Who among you has never lived difficult moments? No one, of course! And still, today, you are here, reading this article, you are standing, ready to fight for what you believe in… That is something my friends… That is something…

If you are still standing after all this hardship it is that you have made the choice of believing in life. You told yourself that by hanging on, one day or another, everything will go well… You are so right… When we go through a painful moment, we always have the impression that it is unfair, that it shouldn’t be so, that we don’t deserve it… How is it that today we see things differently? Time! Time is sometimes the only thing that can bring us the answers we look for… You have to hold on, keep the faith and look forward. I am teaching you knowing by telling you tat life is made of ups and downs, positive and negative, and that these two extremes are what gives value to happiness. The beauty of the current moment is an invaluable gift that we often forget to unwrap everyday.

I repeat it to you, nothing comes for nothing. Sides of the person I am most proud of were forged in adversity. The importance that my hardships had on the man I became are undeniable and I am willing to bet that it is the same for each of you. You are stronger, bigger and better prepared to weather the next storm…

Why worry? Maybe you will soon live an event that you will consider horrifying, but that will, in the end, have been necessary to make you the person you are meant to be. Can someone predict the future? Can someone know exactly the surprises that will come tomorrow? How many believed they had met the love of their life before, months or years later, finally meeting THE right person? Life is unpredictable even when you try to control everything, it is simply impossible! So I repeat my question: why worry?

Whether you want something, whether you don’t want it, whether you think this, whether you do that, life is full of twists that I stopped bothering about controlling everything… I known spend the most time enjoying each moment, positive or negative, learning about each experience, listening more closely to each person, laughing for nothing… In the end, what I am trying to do is to love my life, for what it is as a whole, and to thank heaven for still being here, healthy, fully enjoying it with the ones that are dear to me.

I hope that after reading this you will go through life with a light heart, knowing that whatever tomorrow brings, one day or another, all will be well.

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