Healthy Animals, Healthy Family!

In Québec, zoonoses are defined as diseases or infections caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi and prions that are transmitted naturally between animals (including insects) and humans. Rabies, West Nile virus and Lyme disease are examples. Several infectious diseases transmitted by animals, mosquitoes and ticks exist all over the world. The generally fresh or cold continental climate in Quebec greatly limited the local transmission of many of these diseases. However, warming temperatures, as well as changes in precipitation and moisture levels, could have a significant effect on their transmission. Contamination of humans by animals can occur in different ways, depending on the disease: by contact with contaminants with the skin or mucous membranes, by air (dust or contaminated droplets being breathed), by puncture, injury Or bite, by contact with an object or hands contaminated with the mouth.

Preventing diseases transmitted by domestic animals

Wash your hands immediately after touching a pet or any surface or object with which it has come into contact.

Clean regularly, first with soapy water and then with a domestic disinfectant, any surface or objects with which your pet comes into contact.

Keep your pets and their accessories (ie, food, containers, toys) out of the kitchen and other places where you eat or prepare food.

Always keep your children in touch when they touch or play with pets. Make sure they wash their hands afterwards. Do not let animals or accessories close to their faces or share food or drink with them

Vaccinate your pet, worm it, and treat it against fleas and ticks. These simple rules will help you avoid many illnesses, cumbersome for him as for you.

These animal diseases can be considered a risk for some more vulnerable people such as pregnant women, young children and the elderly or whose immune system is weakened, such as transplant recipients. These individuals can avoid or limit the risks by following the instructions listed above.

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