Fax charges at the drugstore

For several months, some pharmacies charge fees to their clients who must send documents to their doctors by fax. This is a common occurrence for people living with cystic fibrosis, for example at the time of renewal of prescriptions. Sometimes the fees charged for such a service can be up to $ 5.00.

It is possible to avoid paying for this sometimes essential service which, basically, costs nothing to the pharmacy. First of all, you should object to paying for this service. Fax use is common for your pharmacist, who uses it to receive and send documents for clarification of certain items in your record. So it’s not a new or specific element for your situation.

Often, after your opposition, they will agree to forward what you ask for, and that for free.

Note that in the event of a refusal, you can also ask the members of your FK clinic to ask for documents themselves and not vice versa. In such a case, the pharmacist can not charge any fees, since the request will have been made by the hospital.

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