Tax credits: watch your interests!

For many of you, it is possible to obtain tax credits at both levels of government. In order to take advantage of these credits, however, you must ask your doctor to complete the forms attesting to your impairment provided for this purpose. At the provincial level, this credit is called the “credit for impairment” (Certificate of impairment (TP-752.0.14) and, at the federal level, it is the « tax credit for disabled persons » (Certificate for the credit of disability tax t2201-11f). Your eligibility is assessed according to certain very specific criteria, which you can learn about by consulting the guides of the ministries concerned.

If the credits were granted to you last year, you do not have to produce new documents; the necessary information is already in your file. To obtain the forms concerning these tax credits, please contact Revenu Québec and the Canada Revenue Agency directly, by telephone or by Internet.

Revenu Québec (Disability certificate (TP-752.0.14)

Quebec region 418 659-6299
Montreal region 514 864-6299
Everywhere in Quebec 1 800 267-6299

Canada Revenue Agency (Disability Tax Credit Certificate – t2201-11f.pdf)

1 800 959-3376

Explanatory guides are also available on each of the websites of the two departments at the following addresses:

People with disabilities and taxation (IN-132)

Disability-Related Information 2020 (guide RC4064)