Payment arrangement with Hydro-Québec

You owe a debt to Hydro-Québec for your principal residence? Your budget is tight? You can enter into a payment arrangement with Hydro-Québec. Depending on your ability to pay, different arrangements are planned, from debt support to support to current consumption. If you are unable to pay your bill, you can immediately enter into a payment arrangement. This will prevent collection procedures from occurring after the due date.

The payment agreement will allow you to stagger payment of the amount due until your next invoice. It could also, in some cases, extend over a longer period. The sooner you pay the amount due, the lower the administration fee. In all cases, it is important to contact Hydro-Québec as soon as possible in order to reach an agreement.

You can apply online on Hydro-Québec website. It is also possible to call 1 888 385-7252.

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