Ventolin storage

Ventolin storage

Is it true that it is best to keep Ventolin for aerosol therapy in the refrigerator? If so, could you explain why?

One thing must be made clear concerning the storage of Ventolin for aerosol therapy: once opened, the single-dose nebules must be used and cannot be stored. The multidose bottles contain a preservative, however. Unopened bottles must be stored below 25ºC, away from light, up until the expiry date on the bottle.

Once the multidose container has been opened, storage conditions will have an impact on the stability and the sterility of the product. Regarding product stability, we can guarantee safe use for 30 days after it has been opened (it must be kept away from light between uses). Product sterility (absence of contamination by germs) depends mostly on the handling technique, i.e., the person who prepares the product, and the environment in which it is prepared. It is important to remove the solution in the most sterile way possible, close the bottle as soon as the solution has been removed, and refrain from opening it needlessly. Despite these precautions, contamination may still occur. Check the appearance of the solution before use: if there are any particles, or if the solution seems altered or discoloured, or if you have any doubt whatsoever about its sterility, throw it out. In general, storing an opened bottle in the refrigerator will reduce the proliferation of germs in a slightly contaminated solution.

All in all, we recommend that unopened bottles be stored at room temperature and away from light. Once opened, they can be kept for a maximum of 30 days, either at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

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