Message from the president

The last few days have been tumultuous not only for our fibrocystic community, but globally as well. Pandemic, upheavals, changes, uncertainty, fear, anguish ? Needless to say, how greatly each of our lives has been touched and turned upside down.

Through this great ordeal, the adaptability, resilience and mutual aid shown by our community is undoubtedly the positive that we can take away from it. A strong, proud, valiant and united community against all odds: this pandemic that brings us back to basics, it is our unity that comes out even stronger.

It goes without saying that, in this edition of Vivre Express created by our great team confined to teleworking, it is OUR wonderful community that we wanted to put forward! It is through our « organization » section that we present our new Executive Director, Josée Côté, who has already become « one of us » and who is joining Sarah Gagné and Sébastien Puli already in office. In addition, we also present our various regional representatives and volunteers who sit on our board of directors. We are proud of this team of employees and volunteers who carry the mission of the organization at arm’s length to always better support you and accompany you on your journey.

We also showcase our members in a broader way through articles on our famous fibrocystics, and on members of our overseas community who have been through Covid-19. You will also find a place where we share our favorite recipes, and without forgetting our young generation with the « teens » section which has become so popular with our loyal readers.

In short, this version of Vivre Express which was conceived in this particular current context reflects the fragility, humility in the face of life and hope, especially through our article on the Trikafka but above all, to what extent we are united, inclusive and that we will emerge stronger and stronger from this great world event.

Stay safe, be strong, and continue to be who you are!

*As Mr. Legault would say: « My thanks for the day go to » ? Our office employees who have worked hard in this COVID-19 time to make the organization a leader in information dissemination fair and efficient. THANK YOU!

Sarah Dettmers 2.0., présidente