Elections 2018 – Our Requests

On October 1, 2018, Quebecers will have to elect those who will form our next government. On this occasion, we would like to make known our demands on three topics that are at the heart of the priorities of people living with Cystic Fibrosis. These demands also reach several thousand Quebecers. We invite you to contact your candidates, in each of the political parties, so that they can make formal commitments for their implementation during the next mandate. Throughout the election campaign, we will indicate here the positions of the political parties at our requests.

To find out more about our demands, read the open letter, signed by our Executive Director.

Our demands

Organ donation

  • Establish a non-partisan parliamentary committee on organ donation, among other things to ensure growth in the number of donations annually;
  • Find a way to assert consent or refusal in a free and informed manner that cannot be reversed by relatives when the time comes.

Access to medication

  • Create a fund dedicated to the reimbursement of innovative treatments and drugs;
  • Submit private insurers to the Exceptional Patient Program and ensure its control by the RAMQ;
  • Relax some of the rules of the exceptional patient program for people with cystic fibrosis so that the criterion of last resort drug is not strictly applied to all treatments studied.

In-vitro fertilization

  • Enable people who cannot conceive a biological child for involuntary health problems to use in-vitro fertilization free of charge, as it was the case before the government’s intervention in 2015.

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