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Magazine SVB

The SVB is the official magazine of Living with Cystic Fibrosis, created in 1985. Published once a year, SVB remains a privileged means to reach people living with CF as well as the people involved with them.

SVB 2017

Message from the Chairperson: Equality for all!
Message from the editor: A common history of success
Interview: Gathering for better success
Reflection: A roller coaster relationship
Reflection: Letting go will always surprise us!
Reflection: Life goes on!
Psychology: Who controls my life?
Alternative approach: An alternative approach to illness
Health: The importance of deep physiological breathing
Health: Six myths related to urinary incontinence
Physiotherapy: Decluttering the respiratory tracts
Innovation: The new CHUM innovations serving the patients
History: In remembrance of our heroes
Cystic fibrosis research in 2016
Health column: Vaping and e-cigarette
Health column: Hemoptysis
Health column: Cross-contamination

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